June Gardening Tips

Pinch back any fuchias, geraniums, cosmos, or other plants that might be getting a little leggy.

Pick out a few new perennials and plant them.

Deadhead your annuals to encourage flowering.

Water your container plants regularly.

If your lilac bush needs trimming, do so within a few weeks of this year's blooms in order to not risk next years.

Prune your spring flowering clematis.

Plant up containers, hanging baskets, and planters.

Cut back bulb foliage as soon as it has died down naturally.

Continue to thin out drifts of hardy annuals if they're overcrowded.

Lift and divide overcrowded clumps of bulbs.

Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well watered.

Contact us if you have any questions!



Kristen Culler
Tip of the month (April)

Looking for some hardy, deer-resistant plants?  Our friends at Proven Winners have just the ideas you need.  Click on the link below for more.

10 Hardy, Deer Resistant Plants

Kristen Culler
Spring Update

Cool weather veggies and annuals have arrived!  And forgive me for being biased, but we have some absolutely gorgeous orchids that you MUST see...

Small perennials will be here the week of March 27th, but everything else is stocked and ready for your visit.


Kristen Culler
Spring is Springing!

Spring has arrived early at Twin Rivers Garden Center.  With all this unseasonably warm weather, the flowering cherry and pear trees are absolutely beautiful.  The snapdragons are blooming, and the perennials are starting to come back to life.  It is a wonderful time to come by and look, dream, plan, and work with Josh and team to find the perfect plants for your needs.

Oh, and it is very much still planting season!  Get those trees and shrubs in the ground now!

Kristen Culler
Our Expanded Greenhouse

We want to introduce to you our new and expanded greenhouse, home to beautiful orchids and other tropicals, house plants, ferns, venus fly traps, and other fun and exciting plants for both indoor and outdoor use.  

Look for the sign!

Kristen Culler